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Minggu, 10 November 2013

Let's Go Get Lost

kinda late to post this but, i think i need to write down some tough. not about "utamakan update" it's just a lil thought of mine. about having a desire to feel something beautiful. something pure, soft and warm yet so challenging. this feeling isn't strange but never been normal too for me.

You know? breathing the fresh air, feel the breeze, facing the wind, touching some grass, seeing the beam of light. your heart's beating and dancing. how wonderful. to be nowhere but home. in the mountain peak. in the open sea.

This feelings that I can't get too often. Sometimes. maybe. when I can draw my own world to get lost. but it's different. it's beautiful too but not as a fantasy. it's real. Really makes me realize how Allah is so great. He's the master among all the beauties. This world is just a tiny part of His masterpiece.

Everything were made in it's level of perfection. No doubt about that. The difference is just in the way you explore it. you'll never knew that the sunlight is so delightful when you only expecting to be not so panas-all-day-long and bothered by a sunny day. When the rain's coming, you can never smell the smell of soil, touched by water because you're all only said you can't go anywhere and or becoming the galau guy. like everything is regrettable huh? so many does. and so do I. Galau. Huh. Haha

But at some point, I'm enjoying my "masa muda". The times that I spend to see the beauty of the world. facing the spirit of adventure. there's so many mountains to climb, so many wide sea to swim, There's so many great places to see. It'll never get enough. And when you do, nothing will ever compare.

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