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Senin, 29 Juli 2013

sailing a wanderlust

hello gais! just wanna drop to say hello :)
this is a quick post. about my very first collaboration project. muehuehue, so excited! cant wait to write down my portofolio kekeke

the last thing i remember, i just sitting in front of my laptop all day long after receiving an email from Himawan Wicaksono. Yep. he's the one who's start drawing for dis colaborationg project :D 

i do the collage. don't know since when, i always thinking about adding a piece of thing, anything everything vintage on my artwork. i just love it, doing collage makes me happy. walaupun gambar gambar tempel saya ini agaknya mangacaukan gaya gambarnya mas Himawics yang notabene adalah Nanami Cowdroynya Indonesia hahaha..

that super beautiful kimpol cilik! what a perfect and bold sketch isn't it? marvelous marvelous hahaha~
about Freanch Navy, the origin of our perceptiong and wild imagination of this artwork actually is a song tittle by Camera Obscura. after a ngaco discussion between us, abt what to watch, what to draw, what to tease haha.. finally, FOCUS men. gave him some option, one of them was CO. and Himawan was really crazy about this song. so we choose it :P

French Navy (
Spent a week in a dusty library 
Waiting for some words to jump at me 
We met by a trick of fate 
French navy my sailor mate 
We met by the moon on a silvery lake 
You came my way 
Said, I want you to stay 

You, with your dietary restriction 
Said you loved me with a lot of conviction 
I was waiting to be struck by lightning 
Waiting for somebody exciting 
Like you 
Oh, the thing that you do 
You make me go, ooooo 
With the things that you do (you do, you do) 

I wanted to control it 
But love, I couldn't hold it 
I wanted to control it 
But love, I couldn't hold it 

I'll be criticized for lending out my art 
I was criticized for letting you break my heart 
Why would I stand for disappointed looks 
Fully grown but I'm all on tenterhooks 

Oooo, with the looks 
On tenterhooks, 
Oooo, with the looks, the looks, the looks 

I wanted to control it 
But love, I couldn't hold it 
I wanted to control it 
But love, I couldn't hold it 

Relationships were something I used to do 
Convince me they are better for me and you 
We met by a trick of fate 
French navy, my sailor 
I wanted to control it 
But love, I couldn't hold it 
I wanted to control it 
But love, I couldn't hold it

my imagination, about this song, is quiet out of their video.
i think that here once again a heartbroken love song, it's about waiting, loving free with a goodbye phrase in the end
buuuut this song puts a sides for the girl because she's quiet tough to be left behind.  i'm not pretty sure but yeah, i did heheh. "...Relationships were something I used to do. Convince me they are better for me and you. We met by a trick of fate. I wanted to control it. But love, I couldn't hold it"

well talking about details.. from the top, after the typography, i draw a vintage ship hooooo i like it. and those flower upon her head, blue white and red, means french it self. an A+lips supposed to be "a kiss" (so many kissing scene!)

instead of brings back the happy days, i'm trying to put an effort to make a happy ending version. that's why i had a woman with her handkerchief instead of a :( face with the flooding tears. even there are couple dancing above 'The End' still, a wanderlust fever approaching. ah some floating boat too, and it's like "bye bye, gotta find the new one :D"

that's for now hope you enjoy our collaborating artwork. free your mind to get your own style of this song too. and, the last.. about my needs of personal watermark, gotta be hurry. more artwork is coming after me :D heva greayyyyat day everyone! 

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himawan wicaksono mengatakan...

hahaha heeiii heii heiiii,,, bagian kalimat yang "nanami cowdroy indonesia" terlalu berlebihan kaliiiiik hahahhahaa