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Rabu, 24 April 2013


hello! good morrrning people!
hum hummm... there will be much photos of a boy on my post tonight, but before you judge me for having a new boyfriend after my 'yesterday broke up' session with my almost 4 years boyfriend -hiks let me explain hehe. this, is, one of my best friend. FY! yap. nothing more hehe. but soko saaid that nothing more means more than nothing (i mean i really love him more than anything. as a friend, seriously deeply, and so much! haha!)

why do i need to post him right here right now? because... he will, fly away. huhu. it's a hard time for me for having a very best friend who will be leaving soon. :'(

yes, he had to continued his study to Germany.
this is a tribute to you, Yaf! please jangan gede kepala yah ahaha

well... what would i say?
thank you for our goodtimes. from highschool, until now :)
thank you for always keeping my photos on your cellphone (i think you're already know from the very start rite? that i am pretty HAHAHA)
thank you for accompanying me, everythime and everywhere! and being a good shopper too! (remember Sukawati? you're the king of bargain! yay!)
thank you for a tattoo in my hand!
thank you for elmo-without battery (what? dari kelas 2 SMA loh demi!)
thank you for your -idon'tfckinremeber flashdisk (ikhlasin yaaaa)
thank you for always listening (i know that was your very deeply hard time to heard me cried over and over again about someone yah you know who hehe)
thank you for every second of your free-rent cellphone when we're grade 2 and your everyday pulse!
thank you for being my moodbooster :)
thank you for your guitar, your patiently :p (aku tetep nggak bisa sampe sekarang, guru!)
thank you for your trust, for tagging me as one of your close friend
thank you for your funny face, funny moments you've made. (aku rasa aku nggak pernah marah deh yaf kalo kita bareng, seriusan deh yakan? :O)
thank you for your fckin spooky horror story HAHAH! mati suri men! xD so if  you're already there (german) tell me, how'd the German ghosts looks? are they somekind of handsome or what, tell me!
thank you for your-pasti-mau-aja-kalo-aku-suruh. and i'm not sorry for that! xD
thank you for your kasih sayang tak terkira sebagai seorang sahabat bhahahaha
and much more... :)

thank you for every little things you do for me, your very cute bestfriend hahahah!
thank you for being my bestfriend. nah nah you know me so well bray even for my 'pencitraan' ya. hum ok there will be no flashback because i don't remember how'd we're gettin this close. heheh, for you yaf, it's an honour to be written on my blog jadi bersyukurlah! :p

it's a sumertime sadness anyway (kata mbak lana del rey), i still can't belive that you'll leaving oh my God you're so cruel -___-
but yah, go ahead buddy. we'll meet again some years ahead. when we've grown up, being more mature than we are today. be honest yah jangan taitu lah disana bisa bisa dibully sama bule. note that!
wishing you bunch of good luck, joy, health and money! (so you can go home as many as you want to!)

there's no goodbye, even in a piece of words i've said, there's no goodbye for you! Vien glück mein bester Faisal Yafi :)
ah, writing blah blah blah about you, i don't realize that i'm a kind of broken heart girl yesterday. it's more harder to realize that i can't punch you as many as i want to again (within 5 years maybe?). that's more than a broken heart ya. wahahaha dont know what to say. sudah ah! :P

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