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Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

World Water Day 2013

long time no post! hehe
trying trying trying to post something again... here my very hot-from-the-oven simple design for this water day. hurraaaay!
hmmm... there are 3 posters i've made and wich one do you like?

And uhm, for this World Water Day 2013 i think i've made such a big deal from last year WWD. there's still, no bathing in the afternoon. avoiding the excess of water usage, haha!

about my design, i'll tell you a little

the first one. so there's a swimmer who loved to swim.  yes. then if there's no pure water anymore, so where'd you want to swim? not only for those swimmer who loved to swim, everyone loves water, right? they NEEDS water! so what else?

The second, i'd love to draw. when i have enough time to draw or when i'm in a boring class, i drew. and when i had to make some drawing for my project. yes yesh here here here: OH! ColorWorks. i drew too. i love it, alot. hum forget that i'm so so desperately salah-jurusan. here, if the water comes to their wrong way, (we talk abt polutant, toxic and etc) so we couldn live because water is the key for this entire human lives in the surface (except you're mermaid, you'll die first bcs there's no water to live). nah, got it?

third. the astronaut! yippie! he got a very very long journey, traveling around the universe, he sang "take me to the moon" and then nasa took him and drop him to the moon. when he got there, he got nothing but dust. there's no water. he moved into mars, jupiter and venus but there's no such a place as wet as earth. then he sang "i love you too the moon and back" then he returned to earth and tell everyone that the most precious and important thing in every aspect is WATER. The End. happy ending, (just if you give a damn for taking care of water)

so people, hope you understand what i mean. Selamat Hari Air Sedunia :D Happy World Water Day 2013!

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