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Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

Univ Day

Have no mood for posting actually bcz....emm yah lately I'm feeling empty in stead of something I don't know. But forget it, half of my mood already boosted up yesterday. I've got some new adorable stuff from E, next post I'll share it with you. promise :D aha my mood is back! now. in a snap!

Today is Univ Day for my almamater 4th Senior High Sch. And I'm sooooo happy happy to meet the people! 

my senior, a grade higher. He already graduated from STAN. ridiculous and terribly smart! 
A basketball athlete, He's also my drawing teacher. Arrizal Luthfi

a gift from Ishma :) Love that lil pony!

Photos taken by Ishma Parameswari
Edited by me
Xx Penguin!

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