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Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Bunch of Love.

well. hello again holiday
what a long break. after my last post, til now.. ups now is just end of January eh? sory sory sory haha

Happy New Year 2012 
Happy Chinese New Year 
everyone! may joy alwas bloomings on ur way fwad!

many things done in this first semester of my first year as a college student:D
I had so many many many things to do. even everyone has hold their holliday as long as mine, I just can't smell my free day yet.

hmm...aside from that routine (i mean: hell) my wishes and hopes is flying hi and get higger and higger. Gazilion love for my new fams! now we're such a real great family. Environmental Engineering 2011.

say it again? Teknik Lingkungan 2011!!! heart them love them love them really love them. hope we'll go through this regeneration perfectly. we're good enough to say this, love: kita layak. Kompak Komit Jaya!

Hi ppl, out there.. don't you realize? We already had anything you want.
we had purpose, spirits, and the most important is we offer a kinship. I think that i'm so lucky to had 99 other hands to blew me up in every condition. good or bad. sad and or joy. there's still an egoism, that's a fact. there's still one or two problems againts us. but I know in this deepest heart, my heart, your heart (may I touch yours?) we already had each other.
and I'm thankful for the people who never left.

happy holliday fella! see you soon. real soon hahaha *evilgrin* *teddybearhug*

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