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Minggu, 25 September 2011


sedihnya blog aku kosong :[ lagi sibuk-sibuknya awal kuliaaaah huhahukhuaueauhue :'(
i'm sorry for my mistakennnnn, no post due to my rush hour. hiks hiks I already had many many new stuff. I've worn it many times but never ever been captured. ah.. too much. actually, there's some on my friend's mobile phone but I still can hardly breath to post it

oh ya, last week I have made a t-shirt design for semesta bilingual school but (again and again) I didn't get it copied. ihik :'( lupaaa uh forgot forgot forgot x(

I've got featured on
happu hapiye xD. thought my hand drwing is still not good enough, am so happyhappuhapiiiiiii that kak lala bohang so pleased to put me there. ;ove love love

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