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Kamis, 04 Agustus 2011


ah karena kesusu jadi agak sedikit little bit kecewa. wuidih tapi ya sudahlah I can't take my words back hehe
nambung nabung collecting some coin to buy this lots of things whoaaaaa can't wait. hopefully I got a big deal on this eid mubarak. aaaamin x)

olympus trip sebentar lg di tangan, next this cute grootma yashica. analog

roll film for my older rollei. whups. and unfortunately its not cheap :D need to be more more and mooore grateful to Allah for my dady's cardiac surgery. Alhamdulillaaaaaaaaah:) He is has been injured for almost one month, hospitalized and getting better. pray for my dad yeah \m/ he got two new rings for his heart. I think he could be more metal and RAWKS than before.

and lately, I just realize one more thing. vintage shoes are sooooooo cute! kyaaaa kyaaa!!!! *kemana aja sih kamu yan -___-*
euu kenooo? I got kind of two be e a u tipul shoes

they both were so awesum x) I rlly like em even my sister said that it just a bundle of trash -___-
ahaaaa? how sad, you're blind :p hihihi
as you kno. (oh I don't ever tell you before) so sorry and now you guys will kno hehe. as I know, i'm studying environmental engineering at public univ of UNDIP semarang so what woud the other say about my shoes if I wearing a high heels :D then i choose this kind of shoe for daily use. in other words, i don't mind about the other. if you say so, i hate gossip-ing. yeah and high heels for school is not so me yah i'm a pixie geldof darling* /maksa yah

maybe I'll make a specific post about it. in other time yaaaa secara i'll be bussy for my ospek. EEEERGH SAY NO TO OSPEK! one.. two...three...pray for me. nuff said sodara sodarrra~
ohya happy fasting everyboddddddddy! kissh!

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