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Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

stratch stratch ...

What a hot day. Tomorrow  my school is free, but my teachers punch me with 3 sheet of physics and mathematics portofolio assignment. However I'm not worrying much about my assignmentt because I've finished half of my math heheh. These, are some sketch with lil bit retouching. Yap. I don't know what's your opinion about my sketchs. Does I have some awfully things to share? I hope there's some that you'd like to

Sometime, I feel this is not me. it's not a sort of a weird rite of passage, I think. Everyone does. I mean, seriously.. my characteristic is yet to spring. But something's got to give, I literally happy to do this. If you say so, I just keep moving towards my minds:)

oh ya, catch her at

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