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Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

oh so last year but still warm

I want to make some post about recycling. My last photography project with Eci. By using paper for the background, second hand jacket, paint and etc. But some photos has been lost due to my awkwardness. So I just post some last year photos, while recovering my laptop and to do so. Oh by the way this is my first post in 2011 -______- happy belated new yeaaaaar.. happy valentine, happy chines newyeaaarw yew and oh Happy Prophet Muhammad's Day too.
3 places all in one day. Jogja. with Eci♥

This is one of  my favorite spot when I was child. I was born in Jogja and stayed for 3 years before I leave to Semarang. There was a building resembling into a ship placed in the middle of the imitation lake inside the zoo. You should pass through a small bridge to enter the building. But now, since the earthquake attack the building were severely damaged and unusable :(

             "The Crocoooo :O"
            He is big fat and lazy


She is female and pretty. But I forgot her name:(


Freezy Salad
We found this place after visiting the local zoo. The name just simple "freezy salad" as simple as their menus. Named 'salad roti' salad crackers' 'salad buah' and etc. Hahaha this is home made salad, located on jalan  langensari PJKA residential AA4. what a simply cute place. It's on the front yard of oldies house. The chairs were made from bamboo and it puts under the umbrella. And the price just shocked me out. Not more than ten thousands rupiah every plate. Ah and it tasted so damnnhhh gooooood :D 

'fruit salad' with strawberry sauce

 'salad sayur' (above) and 'macaroni salad'

'cracker salad'

'salad roti' with mayo sauce

The House of Raminten
If you want to go to jogja, you should visit The Raminten. Cause of whaaaaaaat? You have to know it by your self:p It based on 'angkringan' concept and has an unique semi resto cafe interior. Located on FM Noto street number 7. Next to Mirota Bakery. It's kinda kewl to spend your time here. I went there with Eci and his elder cousin, Mas Yoyok. His wife, Mbak Ida and also their son, Dek Riyo :D
When I said unique, it was really unique indeed;)

ciluuuuk ba... Iyo :D

wedang serai, wedang serai, susu jahe and nasi kucing
Do you know what I mean? Unique... See the glass on the left (wedang serai) it's about 40cm tall. And they didn't stocks any straw -____-
And on the right pict (susu jahe) if positioned by it sideways... hehehe better I shut up. ITU SARU! HAUAHUAHAHA

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