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Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

Gärtchen an der Großmutter

in this 21st february, I really get shocked and speechless for what i've heard from my dad. I got a hurry call in the mornhing, at 6.30 am and there was, my father said that eyang had already passed away.

it was a realy painful heart broken. as in the two days before, i met her for the last time. my last 5 hours with her. I still can remember those scene per scene when I saw her sleep, hospitalized, but still aware to heard my old story, and getting better day by day. I help her to pronounce her prayer. and when I left, I said that I'll come back tomorrow, to see her again after my quick test on 20th. I kissed her cheek...and now I wish I am not leaving that soon :'(

my grandma is about 87 years old and on this 10th july, she'll get her 88th birthday. how sad but... I think, this is the best for her. About a years ago, she said that "my time is gettin closer. and I'm ready for it"

my grandma got her first heart attack when I was child, maybe when I was in elementary school. And she can survive without having any surgery. she also very discipline, and her most fave words is "eerlijk" (speel: erleh). HONEST. be honest to people, be honest to yourself and also Allah. Until the end of her time, doctor said that her heart (cardiovascular) is still good. and she died in peace, real peace.

on that 21st feb, she woke up at 5am and asks my uncle to lead her to pray subuh. after that, she asks him to hold her hand and going to sleep. it's about 5.30 when my uncle heard a little voice and he thought that grandma is on a hardbreathing. my aunty calls the doctor and not long after, the doctor said that she's gone.

my grandma, is the one of my favorite figure. She can do evrything that good. She speaks english, dutch, germany, jawa and bahasa. she likes to make a cross stick and also drawing so much. I remember those times, we had many paper to draw and she said "let's get some kelir on it". yap, kelir haha, dye. pewarna. Until I grown up, she never forget to praise my artwork. I think I was a happy grandchildren. my childhood was always filled of happiness. and still I was:')

She likes to watch everyone's sleep. in the middle of the day when everyone is taking a nap, she'll walk around the house to do some check list and make sure that everyone's got their comfort nap:) sometimes by looking from the door and watching me for a while and then going to the next room and I heard sounds like.."sreek...sreeek" it's kinda funny when she thought that I already fall asleep but in fact I do not sleep at all, and knowing how sweet is her. I also love the way she walks by her "sandal rumah" and chewing pappermint candy:)

She also likes gardening. she likes orchid so much. when it's grown up and when the bud appears she will pay extra attention on it. and bring the bloomings orchid into the house for weeks. Ah.. how do I miss her. Ich liebe dich:)

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