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Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

a box inside my brain

Good morning, how's your breakfast today? is it tasted good? I imagine for a cup of coffe and medium egg yolk on my plate for my breakfast but, I clearly choose to stay burned in front of my laptop, doing my most fave job (ever!) and to do so. Hahah drawing is always can be so much fun:)

She's got her bithday today. So, Happy Birthday darling!;)

actually, I don't really know him. As far as I remember, he's a friend from facebook and I like her way drawing (omg, I stalk him too hahaha) until a few days ago he leaves a comment under my fb photos and bla...blaaa he asks me to draw him:P his own drawing also pretty cool too!

and o yah, lately I liked to put a frames as an outer of my picture wahahahah looks so tidy. wich is not so me ofcrs;P

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