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Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Earth Earth Earth

Good morning sundae :D
hows your night? yeay you must spent so much fun during the earth our last night I gess. But as I am, who do not going anywhere (just in case my date has been cancelled uhuhu) so I just stay at home in a whole night and wichis so called "mager" -males gerak.
These photos, that i'm kinda to show you, some so last month photos from me eci's projet. using lots of goods and my painting case x)

I had a couple of boots on my closet. and decide to wear it to school on saturday but my friend stopped me and said 'that's too much' so I discouraged to wear them to school:(. what do you think?

I wonder if I can sing, but desperately I can't:p I don't have a good voice. Oya, Eci has a great one. He loves music. If you want to listen, please visit his band Regalia Aphrodite. He not only can sing, but he also can play almost everything of musical instrument. Support our local band \m/

with eci's lil brother:)

I'm sorry I have not enough time to post the other photos. If u want to see it wait till my next post patiently ok. Hehe. I'll upload them (the painting materials) as soon as possible. And I'll give you short tutorial how to make a tutu and decorate your own wall:)
thank you for reading, I really appreciate it.
Xoxo Pengoo<3

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