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Senin, 06 Desember 2010


hello dear. how are you? I hope you doing okay! fyi, this december i ruined my mood for watching footbal.  err... but it worth. Indonesia vs laos. I'm not sure that i am a soccer fan but i really do supporting my country. you kno, 6-0! for heaven shake haha

 hawt and cool isn't it? I wanna buy these

btw i had some new pics from photo session with my classmates for shs's end years catalog. I'm sorry these upshots aren't one which you'll see on the paper screen. i got them from my own. I photographed some pics and the rest were taken by eci. it's located on penggaron. a campground near semarang Jateng Indonesia:)

look at firda's evil face and acil was too innocent haha

those pict was taken by me. bad angle wasn't it? our photosession just felt like a picnic time. after all we're so happy with all of food, toy, baloon, and many more. oh yasss I've made a billions of paper bird (origami) for this session propt. hehehe not for real of course,

 picnic boy

jeans cardi. floral jumpsuit. nevada wedges

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