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Rabu, 22 September 2010

be careful what you wish for

walaaa!! me back, I brought some picture for you, from this .. Ta-daa!! Coraline's website
you kno coraline? you don't? pick me! pick me! I'll answer all of ur question hehe

coraline is an animation movie, ye just the same wif the night before chrismast (psst.. it's a same director here) and finally proudly happily i found the site of  it. Banzaaaai!!!!

here, a bit descript about this movie:
a girl named coraline was an adorabling-bored girl. She had parents that always ignoring her. bussy wif their stacks of job. then, some day their famly moved to a new house that called pink palace. there's a history 'bout this house. long long time ago, the twin of the owner of  P.P were gone mysteriously. apparently, the twin was kidnaped by a wicked witch wich reside on that house to ate her soul for her immortality. and dozens year passed. the witch looking for a new prey. she abusing unsatisficated child, that were dissapointed by their own family. and turn into their other-mother that looks perfectfull to steal their soul then, by sewing two pice of button on their eyes.
oh, and this coraline's turn!

i got some fun from this site hehe
i got this from the other-mother's workshop

then you can go out and play some plants on the other-father's garden
a wolly and blue-chikcens flower
then introducing, mr. bobinsky. haha.. he's coraline's neighbor
i got a circus attraction from him, oh thankyou mr.b you re-aranged my name wif  your, err.. mice. btw, you're rock!!!!
dianata and egy

and so oh-my-gawd, i found sumthin' shocking on coraline's room. and unfortunately, i was late. too much lateeeeeeeeeee rr..
i want it so muchhhhh!!!!! ;'(

did you see that? how cute she is. yummy!!!!
i love her on my first sight. HAH! she is, the nikeyyyy dunk

the chocolate almond button, the rough seams on its surface, the colors, aaaaaah *.*

coraline nike dunk giveaway

but when i click the cabinet, i jus got thessssssssss

 blah blah blahshit notify
i hate that, i was blind(ed) by that *,*
the contest was ended over a year ago! ewwwwwww, tawdry me. what shud i do to get that precious angel eh?

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